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Michigan born, Washington raise, and Italian fed.

The dinner table has played an important part of my formative years.

The fondest memories of my childhood are the ones that involve sitting around the dinner table and listening to the stories of the different people who came for dinner. It was these people who sparked my interest in photography.

I wanted to capture the stories of others in their environment. I have grown up visiting Italy with a small stint living there when I was 9 yrs old, but it was not until my last few visits that I realized how important a role food has played in my life. Wherever there were great conversations and interesting new people, there was food. Therefore, it was a natural transition to capturing the

special life moments through food. 


My family and I moved to Grand Rapids a year ago and I am excited to see what Grand Rapids has to offer in their food scene. My art of food photography lovingly expresses the care and attention that went into its creation. I cannot wait to start photographing your food and best of all…tasting it!

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